About Us

UpdatedThursday December 14, 2017 byMathew Richardson.


The Liberty Hill Community League Basketball (LHCLB) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to operating a high-quality recreational basketball program for eligible children in Liberty Hill.


The goals of LHCLB are to provide an enjoyable, worthwhile experience for all involved students and adults, teach the fundamental rules and skills of basketball and teach good sportsmanship and other right behavior.



Rookie Division–  Kindergarten - A child who is in Kindergarten as of September 1st or prior to the start of the season will be allowed to participate.  All Kindergarten players must present proof of  being enrolled at the time of registration.


1st Grade – first time player


Pee Wee Division –

1st Grade

2nd Grade

 Junior Division –

             3rd Grade

            4th Grade

 Senior Division-

           5th Grade

           6th Grade